Death to Irontooth

Are all goblins really that bad?

Morning rose on a new day in the town of Fiddler’s Green and many heroes had risen to the call of the Mayor. So many, in fact, that the mayor decided to send out several parties to find the goblin encampment. Skohr and Bogden drew triangles, placing them in a party with two strangers, a fresh out of the monastery (though he would never admit it) cleric named Jastar and a young wizard, with an affinity for fire, named Pyre. The new companions gathered their free supplies from the guards and parted ways with Neoman and Lash, who had both been drafted to the circles.
The road to the encampment was a long one, Skohr, praying to Moradin for guidance, was lost in a riddle and the party briefly lost their way. It was some quick thinking, and map reading by Pyre and Jastar (that lovable scamp) that got the party over the hill and through the woods (figuratively as well as literally). It was then that they stumbled upon some new friends and a brief battle.
In the clearing near the road was camped a small band of goblins, lying in wait to ambush. Bogden was quick to enter battle and managed to slay two of the goblin before two unseen allies, watching from a nearby cliff, jumped into battle beside him. Gotem, a minotaur barbarian, and his shifter companion, Lily had been tracking these goblins for a day and a half and saw a perfect chance to join forces. After the battle, and an unexpected execution, the two groups merged to take down the goblin leader.

After passing a bridge guarded by a riddling goblin, they finally managed to find the encampment. After surrendering their weapons, the party began negotiations, which quickly turned sour. Gotem, seizing the opportunity, chose to engage the king in a duel to the pain to determine his camp’s fate. After a lengthy battle, Irontooth, seeing the end in sight, decided to cheat and called in his soldiers. The party quickly dispatched with them and Gotem, landing the killing blow, became the new king of the Irontooth clan by right of battle.
The new king was quick to dismiss his new gained troops and the party explored a hidden cave. inside was a tomb of past kings of the clan. Each one holding a treasure of that particular king. After some quick grave robbing, imitated by Bogden, the party discovered many treasures: a book of history that revealed much about the area (as well as Pyre’s family history), some magical goggles, a modified mace, a magical axe and a bag of holding. Luckily, no one set off any traps. Gotem sent his people to the safety of their own kingdom and the party went back to Fiddler’s Green.
Upon arrival, Richard, the mayor, gave them his thanks and their payment. upon hearing about the goblin migration, he warned that the Wall, which was north of their encampment, was patrolled by Dragonborn who would kill them on sight. Feeling guilty, Gotem tracked down the town alchemist and acquired a scroll to send them a message, but it came at the cost of Pyre’s new magical axe. Weary from their day, the party finally went to the Inn to celebrate their victory. It was here that each one received a curious letter. “Join me at the docks at 6am, if you want to live” it warned…..


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