Day One

One fateful day

Dawn struck on a new day in the empire of the the Dragonborn, Dracoshire. In a small bordertown near the boundaries of the Wall and near to long time foes, The Kingdom of Many-Arrows, lies the town of Fiddler’s Green. It was in this town that a rag tag bunch of heroes met by chance in the inn of the Dancing Wench and promptly defeated a goblin raid, led by the vicious Irontooth.
It was on this day that Bogden, a man with a shadowed past, Skohr,a Dwarf on a quest from Moradin, Neoman, an old drifter who seems to be more than he looks like, and Lash, a Deva with some memory issues met. After meeting the local populace and sharing a pint in the tavern, calamity struck when the warn bells rang. Banding together with the town’s militia, as well as some other heroes, the party was able to scare Irontooth off. The Mayor of the Town, Richard, offered a high price for the removal of this so called “goblin king” who was left behind after the wall was erected. the Heroes all accepted the call, but what would the morning bring?


Kentaloons21 Kentaloons21

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